JOMO App Launches In Charlotte—Teams Up With Cam Newton Foundation To Promote An Active And Healthy Charlotte


The JOMO app helps people connect and do more of what they love

JOMO, a North Carolina-based startup, is teaming up with Cam Newton and his foundation, as well as dozens of Charlotte’s favorite businesses, to launch an app and promote an active and healthy Charlotte.

JOMO stands for ‘Joy of Missing Out’, and the company encourages people to miss out on the noisy online world and instead be active in the real world. In short, the app makes it easy to spontaneously find great things to do and people to do them with.

“JOMO’s all about connecting and doing fun things,” said George Taylor III, JOMO’s CEO. “And while it might seem ironic at first, once you find something cool to do, JOMO then encourages you to close the app and go do it!”

JOMO is also committed to supporting non-profits that promote being active and engaged in the real world, and is donating $1 per download to its partner, the Cam Newtown Foundation, to support children’s activities in local schools.

In addition, JOMO has partnered with more than a dozen Charlotte businesses that share the vision of an active and engaged Charlotte. These represent a wide range of interests from The Charlotte Checkers (hockey) and Unknown Brewing (beer) to The Fillmore (music), the Roaring Riot (football), and many others. These partners will encourage their audiences to participate, and for each download, JOMO will donate $1 to CNF on their behalf.

“Cam and his foundation have done an amazing job of keeping Charlotte’s youth active and engaged in the real world,” said Taylor. “We’re really fortunate to help and be joined by so many awesome businesses in Charlotte.”

The JOMO app allows people to easily create and attend activities with friends, but also makes it easy to connect and do things with new people who share your interests.Just choose what you’re into, and JOMO shows relevant activities happening around you.

“We focus on activities,rather thanbig events. Those fun, often last-minute, things we’d all like to do, but find hard to setup and make happen,” said Taylor. “Things like pickup-basketball, going for a run, entrepreneurial meetups, dinner with friends and thousands of other activities. They’re all on JOMO.”

With the release of the JOMO app, the company has created a new category of apps (micro-activities) and looks to confront society’s growing obsession with social media—the average person looks at their phone over 110 times a day for over 4 hours!

“JOMO’s about time well spent through being active and interacting with others, two things we believe are at the core of what leads to happiness,” said Taylor.“This is a vital mission, and we’re committed tosupportingthis cause and similarly aligned non-profits by donating$1 for every JOMO download.”

JOMO expects to donate millions of dollars throughout 2018.

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About JOMO

JOMOis a mobile app that makes it easy to connect with activities you’ll love and people you’ll enjoy doing them with. JOMO believes doing things in the real world with real people is at the core of what drives happiness, and the company is committed to this cause and supporting non-profits who promote the same.

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